One On One

One On One

Mira Calix

RELEASE: 2000.03.06



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1.Ms. Meteo (Poolside Mix)/2.Skin With Me/3.Nostalgia/4.Sparrow/5.Three Teas Please/6.Schmyk/7.Ithanga/8.Routine (The Dancing Bear)/9.The More You Do the More You Do/10.Isabella/11.Daydreaming At Night/12.Simple Friends/13.Battery Beach/14.Upiyano/15.Afrique du Mal/16.Slip Sliding
One On One


01. Ms. Meteo (Poolside Mix)
02. Skin With Me
03. Nostalgia
04. Sparrow
05. Three Teas Please
06. Schmyk
07. Ithanga
08. Routine (The Dancing Bear)
09. The More You Do the More You Do
10. Isabella
11. Daydreaming At Night
12. Simple Friends
13. Battery Beach
14. Upiyano
15. Afrique du Mal
16. Slip Sliding