Veckatimest (Deluxe Version)

Veckatimest (Deluxe Version)

Grizzly Bear

RELEASE: 2009.11.04




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1.Southern Point/2.Two Weeks/3.All We Ask/4.Fine for Now/5.Cheerleader/6.Dory/7.Ready, Able/8.About Face/9.Hold Still/10.While You Wait for the Others/11.I Live With You/12.Foreground/13.Southern Point-KCRW Session/14.All We Ask-KCMP Session/15.Ready, Able-KCRW Session/16.Foreground-Duyster Session/17.Two Weeks-BBC Maida Vale Session/18.Dory-World Caf? Session/19.While You Wait for the Others-BBC Maida Vale Session
Veckatimest (Deluxe Version)


01. Southern Point
02. Two Weeks
03. All We Ask
04. Fine for Now
05. Cheerleader
06. Dory
07. Ready, Able
08. About Face
09. Hold Still
10. While You Wait for the Others
11. I Live With You
12. Foreground
13. Southern Point (KCRW Session)
14. All We Ask (KCMP Session)
15. Ready, Able (KCRW Session)
16. Foreground (Duyster Session)
17. Two Weeks (BBC Maida Vale Session)
18. Dory (World Caf Session)
19. While You Wait for the Others (BBC Maida Vale Session)