Take Me To Your Leader

Take Me To Your Leader

King Geedorah

RELEASE: 2003.06.21



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1.Fazers/2.Fastlane/3.Krazy World/4.The Final Hour/5.Monster Zero/6.Next Levels/7.No Snakes Alive/8.Anti-Matter (feat. Mr. Fantastik)/9.Take Me to Your Leader/10.Lockjaw/11.I Wonder (feat. Hassan Chop)/12.One Smart Nigger/13.The Fine Print
Take Me To Your Leader


01. Fazers
02. Fastlane
03. Krazy World
04. The Final Hour
05. Monster Zero
06. Next Levels
07. No Snakes Alive
08. Anti-Matter (feat. Mr. Fantastik)
09. Take Me to Your Leader
10. Lockjaw
11. I Wonder (feat. Hassan Chop)
12. One Smart Nigger
13. The Fine Print