Ussr: Repetoire

Ussr: Repetoire

DJ Vadim

RELEASE: 1996.09.01


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1.My Radio (The Inaugeration)/2.Relax With Pep, Pt. 6/3.Headz Still Ain't Ready/4.The Next Shit/5.Lounge Shiznitz/6.Live from Paris (Remix)/7.Lord Forgive Me/8.Relax With Pep, Pt. 5/9.Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses/10.Aural Prostitution/11.Knowledge vs. Wisdom, Pt. 2 (A Difference in Wordplay)/12.This Goes Out/13.The Nuisance Caller/14.Melodies In Hinge Creek (Light My Fire)/15.Times Are Hard/16.The Schematics/17.Call Me/18.Bloke 1/19.Who the Hell Am I?/20.Relax With Pep, Pt. 2/21.Abstractions/22.Mental Gymnastics/23.The Foundation (The Origin of Hip-Hop)/24.USSR Repertoire/25.Help Me/26.Melodies In Vertical Theory
Ussr: Repetoire


01. My Radio (The Inaugeration)
02. Relax With Pep, Pt. 6
03. Headz Still Ain't Ready
04. The Next Shit
05. Lounge Shiznitz
06. Live from Paris (Remix)
07. Lord Forgive Me
08. Relax With Pep, Pt. 5
09. Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses
10. Aural Prostitution
11. Knowledge vs. Wisdom, Pt. 2 (A Difference in Wordplay)
12. This Goes Out
13. The Nuisance Caller
14. Melodies In Hinge Creek (Light My Fire)
15. Times Are Hard
16. The Schematics
17. Call Me
18. Bloke 1
19. Who the Hell Am I?
20. Relax With Pep, Pt. 2
21. Abstractions
22. Mental Gymnastics
23. The Foundation (The Origin of Hip-Hop)
24. USSR Repertoire
25. Help Me
26. Melodies In Vertical Theory