N.O.W Is The Time (Deep Down Edition)

N.O.W Is The Time (Deep Down Edition)

Nightmares On Wax

RELEASE: 2014.06.18


Vinyl Box Set 輸入盤



¥ 6,000 +tax



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Nightmares on Waxの2CDベスト盤『N.O.W Is The Time』に、傑作リミックス+最新リミックス、更に幻の激レア・トラックを加えた合計42曲収録の超豪華盤限定BOX!
N.O.W Is The Time (Deep Down Edition)


CD: Disc One: Nightmares By Day
01. You Wish
02. Mind Eye
03. Argha Noah
04. Calling
05. Dreddoverboard
06. Thinking Of Omara
07. Be There
08. Les Nuits
09. Morse
10. I Am You (Live In Chicago)
11. Passion
12. Give Thx

CD: Disc Two: Nightmares By Night
01. 195 Lbs
02. 70s 80s
03. Flip Ya Lid
04. Be, I Do
05. (Man) Tha Journey
06. Now Is The Time
07. Bless My Soul
08. Da Feelin
09. African Pirates
10. Mega Donutz
11. Mission Venice
12. Dextrous
13. Aftermath
14. I'm For Real
15. Set Me Free (Piano Dub)
16. Nights Interlude

LP: Deep Down: Remixes & Rarities
Side A
A1. Dextrous (JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
A2. Biofeedback (Morgan Geist Remix)
A3. A Case Of Funk (Loco Dice Remix)

Side B
B1. Aftermath (LFO remix)
B2. Aftermath (Special Request Redux)
B3. Aftermath (Acid Mondays)

Side C
C1. Burn Me Slo ft. OC
C2. Keep On (86 In It Mix) ft. De La Soul
C3. Gambia via Vagator Beach (Mr Scruff Remix)
C4. Survival Dub

Side D
D1. Hiyaself
D2. Da Mess Sticks
D3. Da Feelin (Hungry Ghost Remix)
D4. Now Is The Time (Ashley Beedle Warbox Dubplate Special)