Blow Your Headphones

Blow Your Headphones

The Herbaliser

RELEASE: 1997.03.01


CD 輸入盤



¥ 2,150 +tax



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1.Opening Credits/2.The Blend (feat. What What)/3.Another Mother/4.Excuse Me/5.Ginger Jumps The Fence/6.Put It On Tape/7.New + Improved (feat. What What)/8.Mr Chombee Has The Flaw/9.Intermission/10.Saturday Night (feat. Fabian & Big Ted)/11.Shocker Zulu/12.Hardcore/13.Shortys' Judgement/14.More Styles/15.A Mother (For Your Mind)/16.Bring It (feat. What What)/17.Theme From Control Centre (reprise)/18.End Credits
Blow Your Headphones


01. Opening Credits
02. The Blend (feat. What What)
03. Another Mother
04. Excuse Me
05. Ginger Jumps The Fence
06. Put It On Tape
07. New + Improved (feat. What What)
08. Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
09. Intermission
10. Saturday Night (feat. Fabian & Big Ted)
11. Shocker Zulu
12. Hardcore
13. Shortys' Judgement
14. More Styles
15. A Mother (For Your Mind)
16. Bring It (feat. What What)
17. Theme From Control Centre (reprise)
18. End Credits