Spaced Dolls

Spaced Dolls

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RELEASE: 2000.09.27



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1.Cosmos → Chaos/2.You're No Good/3.スクリュードライマー (Elements of Rhyme) Featuring Boss the MC/4.Basspace/5.As the Wind Blows (Adrian Sherwood Mix)/6.Back from the Black Hole/7.Puppets Parade/8.Neverlasting Seconds
Spaced Dolls


01. Cosmos → Chaos
02. You're No Good
03. スクリュードライマー (Elements of Rhyme) Featuring Boss the MC
04. Basspace
05. As the Wind Blows (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
06. Back from the Black Hole
07. Puppets Parade
08. Neverlasting Seconds